Genie Timeline Home 10

Backup app that plays nicely with your PC’s other tasks

+ Mindful of system resources
+ Neat Game/Movie mode
– Lacks cloud backup
– No Android support

Genie Timeline Home 10 promises “effortless protection for all your files,” and can be configured in three steps. There is a trial available for Windows XP and higher, although not for other platforms.

This software is focused on traditional drive backup to a media drive, and the developer offers separate solutions for other situations including Android backup and cloud backup needs, keeping Genie Timeline Home 10 from being a more comprehensive application.

The app sits in the Windows system tray as an icon, quietly going about its business. Notable features include the option to have the backup run at full speed via Turbo Mode, or to run in Smart Mode which intelligently adjusts itself based on the available system resources.

For those who hate interruptions, this software has a Game/Movie mode which automatically stifles any annoying pop-ups, to make sure that your gaming or viewing experience isn’t compromised. There’s a mobile app for iOS, but not for the more popular Android platform.

Genie Timeline Home 10 offers a free trial, and costs $39.95 (£29, AU$53) for the full version of the program.