NovaBackup PC

Does the basics well, but only the basics.

+ Highly secure
+ Includes tutorial videos
– Subscription only, not cheap
– No anti-ransomware

NovaBackup PC is a solid backup solution available as a subscription, and ideal for the essential backup task of making a copy of your computer’s hard drive on local media. For modest users this will suffice, but it falls short when it comes to the interface, support for platforms other than Windows and Linux, and more advanced tasks.

Another downside of this backup solution is the steep cost, as it is only sold as a subscription, and $49.95 (£36, AU$66) only licenses a single machine. However, it does at least include any upgrades to the program, and also supports cloud storage of a modest 2GB (and can back up to cloud providers including OneDrive and Dropbox).

The standout feature of NovaBackup PC is the security offered, as the software runs locally to send the data to a local media drive, and does not connect to the internet. Also, the backup can be performed with AES 256-bit encryption for extra security.